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White Wind Shippping Services is an exclusive agent in Ukraine area for Homeport Yacht Management , Herzlya, Israel. Homeport has more then 10 year’ experience in marine yacht inductry with services including yacht management, new yacht construction, yacht refits and marine related projects, and Mega yachts and Gulets charter services.

White Wind offers yacht charter services on Modern motor yachts and exclusive Gulets for clients interested in experiencing an unforgettable and special vacation, holiday, wedding or other celebratory occasion, business meeting, extreme water sport contests etc. We have yachts that will accommodate 8-12 guests or larger yachts for groups of 20-25 guests. Excursion times can be 4-5 days, one week or two or even three weeks! Our charters are surprisingly affordable and we will work closely with you to build the perfect vacation or event to suit your budget and specific needs.

With us you will discover a lot of unique places on the Mediterranean!

Do you dream of an exclusive holiday and want to discover the most beautiful places of the Mediterranean? Are you tempted to swim in charming bays, reachable only by water, and drop the anchor near a wild island?

Immerse yourself in the world of other cultures living under the sun of the subtropics, sally forth where the holiday lasts all summer long!

Rent a luxury yacht and you will have endless opportunities to explore the most beautiful corners of the earth. Whether it’s a week of a relaxing holiday or a fascinating extreme cruise – our charter brokers will provide you with all the necessary assistance in choosing a yacht and a route for an exclusive holiday.


Imagine a boutique hotel of the highest class that sails on the water, an experienced captain of a yacht, a personal chef-cook and a pleasant stewardess who will understand you from a half-word and surround with care and attention. An amazing nature that awakens the most secret desires, a warm breeze enveloping you from head to foot, the sea caressing the whole body …

With us you will feel complete freedom in thoughts, desires and actions – and you will understand that real life has just begun ..!

On our yachts you can simply relax or celebrate the most important events in your life as a wedding, anniversary, birthdays or can surprise business partners with quality non-standard leisure, organize a conference, go in for water sports or fishing…

We invite you to visit the fairlytale story the main heroes of which will be you and people you love!


With our network of offices, we are available 24/7/365 to serve our Clients and Seafarers

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